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Talent Wanted

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My rate is:

We are looking for both known and unknown talent for this Enchanted festival.               


Under 18? Fill this out too! 




Red Queen: Any age, fiesty, Know-it-all attitude, even when she's wrong. Always thinks she can do things better than anyone else. Own costume, we do have costume but we would have to check on size. Costume must be approved. 

White Rabbit: Goes around the festival, always running late, a little overwhelmed by life. We have a costume :)

Pirates: Join the pirate crew and help run pirate activities, obstacles, and sing songs. Must enjoy a good time and help create the fun. 


Giving Fairie: We have lots of fun trinkets and things. We would love someone to have a trading post of walk and trade fun items.


Fairies: All kinds of fairies from the Enchanted realms are welcome. We are at the cusp of fall and the end of summer but the weather is warm, and flowers still bloom. While you have been blessed by being part of the Enchanted Realm you may be feeling wary about the dark fae being welcomed this year, no worries, we are sure it will all be fine.


Shirekin: You love animals and nature. You want to help teach children the joys to be found in the natural world and all it's children are your friends. Join us in the shire to chat about the lovely animal friends who are joining us this year. You usually stay out of Realm politics unless the natural world is at stake, luckily, Peace seems to be working in everyone's favor including the Shire.


Dark Fae: Have a favorite dark fae character? It is the first time in over 1000 years that the Dark fae have been invited to rejoin the larger fae community. It isn't your fault that the realms split so long ago and now is your chance to prove that just because you're a little darker doesn't mean you don't deserve to frolic and have your own kinds of fun. 

Do you:

  • Have a band

  • Sing

  • Dance

  • Hula

  • Do Art

  • Play a character

  • Are part of a Fae community

  • Want to talk about nature, recycling composting etc

  • Want to teach a class

  • Want to wander and create music or interact with guests

  • Spoken word

  • Poetry

  • Bubble Fairies


All entertainment must be kid friendly :) 

Do you have a talent or an idea we haven't thought of? We're always looking for something new!

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