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Our Story

imagination & creativity

In 1990 Rob & Lucy Wood of Spoutwood Farm in Glen Rock established the “May Day Fairie Festival”. A festival created to celebrate the spirit, unity, and magic of all life. The festival's primary theme was to “celebrate the beginning of spring and all of the faerie and nature spirits' return to the warm world.”


The festival map sprawled across Spoutwood’s farm’s acres with wandering entertainers trickling about! Guests enjoyed a magical vendor marketplace, three performance stages, book readings, creative workshops, and food vendors. The festival grew to become the world's largest faerie/fairy festival with a peak of 16,000 visitors in 2012.


In 2018 The Woods announced the final Fairie Festival at Spoutwood. Thirty years of hosting began to leave lasting marks on the farm, and the festival had outgrown the venue. Rob and Lucy eventually partnered with Baltimore County and now host their May Day Fairie Festival at Rocky Point Park in Essex, Maryland on the first weekend of May.


In 2019, inspired by the festival’s legacy, but not affiliated, Katie, mother of five, decided to reimagine the event and re-establish the gathering of fairies in Central Pennsylvania by founding the “Enchanted Fairy Festival,” a two-day festival in York, Pennsylvania which allowed families and fairies alike to gather locally again to celebrate the magic of fall and fairies; the inaugural event was held at Rocky Ridge County Park on September 18th, 2019. Under Katie's thoughtful leadership, the “Enchanted Fairy Festival'' in its fifth year has established itself as a weekend utopia of family-friendly activities, where attendees are transported to a wonderland of imagination and magical fun and enjoy three enchanted lands of immersive activity.

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