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Our Vendors

Retail Vendors


Impossible Curiosities 


The Essence of Marie 

Twisted Amethyst

Magic Witchballs 

Alyssa Ramble 

Cotton Candy Coven 

Chaos Creationz 

Flutter-Bye Boutique 

For Your Unique Side


B. Vain Jewelry 

Magical Queen Nana 

C & R Crafts 

Crystals Casbah

Snug Baby

Rebenwald Metalsmything

Thursday Afternoon 

Treasures of Another Time 

Quantum Mystic Incense and Gifts

Agape Studios 

JB's Imaginarium

The Enlightened Souls

C and K's Unique Creations 

Wild Pixie Stitches 

Elephat Supplies and Apparel 

Quindalynns Wand Shop

Lazy Peach Ink 

Dyes By Dodds 

Eli Art Sparkle 

GBird Knots 

Zen Fiber Arts

Pirate Cove 


Dreams at Hearts Crafty Creations

Holistic Hearts 

Daily Dose of Yarn

Leibe Krafted Designs 

Jenni Buffington Art

Vellichor and More

Purple Lotus Creations 

Design Studio Six


Art of the Earth

ADH Bead

Rabid Llama Creations

Lunar Opal Creations

The Dragons Lair Gifts 

Back Porch Concrete

Firefly the Fairy Cat's Magical Creations 

Bonefish Designs

Tangled in Fae Crochet Creations

Box N Play Instagram

The Evergreen Faerie


The Onyx Owl

LR Glasswerks

Mack Daddy Woodworks 


BrookValley Farm

Wonder Fairy Boutique

Witches Brew 

Tulsi Fields Farm 

Zephyr Dreaming

Jaded Vector

Creating JCH

Your Highness LLC - Hairwraps

Royal Apache Artistry

Wandering Rose Creations & Events

Fox and Owl Creations

Third Crow Candles 

Masons' Creations 

Furry Paws Birthday Parties


House of Oddd

Somers Air Garden

Selene Underground 

Gypsie Glass 

Sam Halterman Art

Creative Concoctions

Essence of Earth and Spirit 

Wick'ed Wonderland Candles and Crystals

Honey Cat Jewelry

Everlasting Myst

IC Epoxy Creations

That'a Way Crafters

Crimson Weaves

Inspired By Life

Hatty Wampus Handmade 

Zap Crafts 


Fancie Fairie Girl

Tonic Wellness and Apothecary

Reptile Smiles

Dragons Whistle Stop

Save a Galgo

Just Cuz Dotting Co.

With Love Handmade Greeting Cards

Metal Mixologist

Stitched by Sommers

Hooked on Crochet

Design by Night

A Touch of Magic

Commonly Overlooked

Mozaic Mess

Findley's Boutique

Neurodiverse Networks

Kitty Couture

Energy Sports Apparel

Belladonnas Boutique

Food Vendors


That Pig Place
The Sweet Patch
Stacey's Orangeade
Shorty's Funnel cakes
Si Mangia
Race to Taste
Mamma's Meltz
Hilltop BBQ
Food Adventures
Dragon Icecream
Choco L'More
Bubble Wow Waffles
Sweet Shop
Brickers French Fries
Bev's Jamaican
2 Delicious

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